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La Galerie B&B Hébergement hôtel motel Saint-Hilaire Beloeil Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu Contrecoeur Verchères Rive-Sud

The History of the House

Discover the history of our house through the chronology of its inhabitants

  • History of the House and its Owners :

La Galerie B&B centennial house in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu

The Ninth Seigneur de Contrecoeur, Joseph Kemner Laflamme, farmer, carpenter and businessman acquired this imposing home in the mid 19th century and lived there with his wife, Édesse Perrault. Their only child, a daughter, Marie-Ermélinde, who became the tenth seigneuresse, married, in 1873, Louis-Joseph Cartier. One of their eight children, Joseph-Louis Cartier, became, in 1922 the last inheriter of the Seigneurie de Contrecoeur. Three years after her husband’s death, Mme Perrault sold the house to a businessman, Louis Gravel who was mayor of Saint-Antoine several times between 1866 and 1878. His son George inherited the house in 1883. In 1889, he sold it to his brother-in-law, husband of his sister Mélissa, Napoléon Chicoine.

In 1898, Doctor Henri Lapierre bought the house for the sum of $1,500 after which he used the house as living quarters and for his professional and consultation needs. Six years before acquiring the house Dr. Lapierre married Fleurine Bussières. Three of their daughters became nuns. Their daughter Jeanne entered the Clarisses Sisters of Valleyfield in 1912 and founded the monastery of Rivière-du-Loup. In 1916, another daughter Gabrielle entered les Petites Fransciscaines de Marie at Baie-Saint-Paul. In 1952, their sister Gilberte founded the monastery of Lennoxville where she became abbess. Son, Henri-René followed his father’s footsteps and became a doctor in Verchères.

La Galerie B&B St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu
In 1937, Dr. Lapierre sold the house to Heménégilde Gendron and his wife Euphrasie Bertiaume. M. Gendron was a merchant of Saint-Antoine. M. Gendron had a general store several doors from his home. M. Gendron’s daughter, Rollande Gendron, acquired the property and lived there with her brother Jean-Paul who occupied living quarters in the back part of the house facing the river. In 1984, Lionel Villeneuve and the actress Hélène Loiselle became owners until 1990, at which time they sold the house to an American, Antonio Plannels who was from New Mexico. Mr. Plannels was somewhat of an absent landlord because he never actually lived in the house. Marie-Josée, daughter of the writer Yves Thériault rented the house for a certain time in the early 1990s. Mr. Plannels sold the house to a restaurateur from Sherbrooke. This gentleman, M. Jean Bernard opened his restaurant « La Mère Poule » in 1993. The restaurant was in operation for several years until it was repossessed by the Bank in 1996. The house was then un-occupied for nearly a year. Since the summer of 1997, the actual owners, Roger Paquette and Gaëtane Dion live in the house.

  • The architecture :
    This monumental brick house type is English style with its covered porch around the main square. Note the addition of ornamentation crows under the eaves and angle braces "sheaves of wheat" on the gallery.

  • The restauration : La Galerie B&B art Studio-Gallery in Saint-Antoine-sur-RichelieuLa Galerie B&B Gîte et galerie d'art à Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu

    From 1997 to 2004 the house was slowly restored to the beauty, charm and grandeur of its original state. The year during which the house was uninhabited caused numerous problems. Certain rooms were in a pitiful state of disrepair. During its years of restoration the plumbing and electricity were completely renewed. Ceilings were strengthened and walls insolated to offer maximum protection against the onslaught of the Quebec winters. A system of central heating was also installed. Each room was restored in such a way as to conserve its original atmosphere. Some examples of the restoration process can be seen in the kitchen. The floor in the kitchen became 5cm deeper because during the restoration several layers of flooring were lifted until the original floor was uncovered. This original floor is what you presently see displayed in the kitchen. Finally, in 2004 the roof and gutters were newly restored to their original look and condition. After ten years and thousands of hours of work, more than a 100 sheets of roofing material, more than 280 litres of paint and varnish, the home has finally rediscovered its charm of past years.

  • La Galerie B&B :

    The project to give a new vocation to this home was born at the time the house was bought in 1997. Nearly ten years later the project takes shape. Plans were made to change the attic into two smart and stylish bachelor apartments. A gook part of the material used in their construction was recycled. In all, four bedrooms now welcome visitors to La Galerie B&B.